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I’ve been busy and well…preoccupied.  These distractions are not yet over, but regardless of the outcome, I feel that it’s all been for the best.  So in the meantime:



I have just been notified that this is my fucking 999th post!  WHAT.  So…so much pressure and anxiety all of the sudden.  What am I going to blog about for my 1000th post?!

I’m really making this out to be more than it is.  I’ll probably blog about poop or something boring like that.  Or not.   Suspense!

Fighting for Charlie

So, in a rare departure from my usual low brow humor and self loathing, I wanted to bring some attention to a GoFundMe that my friend created:  Fighting for Charlie.

I’ve known Julie since Jr. High (middle school for all of you weirdos that don’t call it Jr. High).  Truth be told, I have always been a bit jealous of her.  Okay, that’s a lie.  A lot jealous.  Not like, if I kill you, do I become you jealous, but…the more I try to explain this, the more crazy I sound.  Anyway, I think she’s amazing.  She’s smart and pretty and talented and strong and all those things that you could totally kind of hate about a person if you were a jealous, petty, crazy person.  *ahem*  She’s the kind of person I wish I knew better and the kind of person that you’re pretty sure that her highlight reel on Facebook is pretty darn close to her behind the scenes. She and her family are really one of those “great people”. They have amazing support from their families, friends and entire community.  I’m really proud to say that I (kind of) helped (sort of) get the ball rolling by basically complaining that I wanted to do something but had no idea what to do.  Southern Illinois is far away, and my pennies don’t travel well.  So when the idea of a GoFundMe came up, it seemed like the perfect solution. Please check the link because I’m lazy. Basically, their son Charlie is in need of a Pediatric Hemispherotomy. Big words are generally bad, and then you add “pediatric” to it and it gets downright terrifying. As religious people often say, God only gives you what you can handle.  I can’t handle baking a bad loaf of bread (there was a brioche incident recently, I’d rather not discuss it) so I’m pretty sure that’s why my kids have thus far been healthy.  Because I would handle what the Patricks are going through with the grace of a chicken with its head cut off.

Go give to people who really deserve some relief in their lives.


To see a rock in your dream symbolizes strength, permanence, stability and integrity, as conveyed in the common phrase “as solid as a rock”. The dream may also indicate that you are making a commitment to a relationship or that you are contemplating some changes in your life that will lay the groundwork for a more solid foundation. Alternatively, a rock represents stubbornness, disharmony and unhappiness. (via

I dreamt I was in an outdoor marketplace, like a bazaar.  Lots of colorful tents and some stone/mud buildings.  Lots of either dirt or clay–it was very bright.  I came to a stand where there were all different kinds of rocks in a tray on display, but I couldn’t tell how they were sorted.  Some small but jagged, some flat river stones about the size of my palm and so on and so forth. The man said I would have to swallow a stone.  If I chose, I would have to pick 100 stones to swallow, but if he picked, he’d only give me one stone.  I was afraid of what he’d pick for me, but in the end I said he could pick the stone.  Then I woke up.

No, I don’t want a sweater thing

So my new thing is hanging out in doctors’ offices and my craft-turned-bed room.  I’m going to ignore the second part of that sentence and focus on the general annoyance that is “being sick”.  That generalized “I’m sick” when there’s really nothing wrong with you maybe.  For the ten-thousandth time in my life, my blood work came back negative for any thyroid problems.

It’s not lupus. Or your thyroid.

I have all the blood and iron I’m supposed to have.  My bad cholesterol isn’t high, but I should look at it.  LOOOOK AT EEEET!  My blood pressure is great.  Reminds me of a John Pinette joke where he goes to the doctor and he’s healthy and they can’t believe HE would be healthy on paper.

So basically I’m tired.  I’m on an antidepressant.  This is good; it’s one I’ve been on for years (we took a break but now we’re seeing each other again).  Now, when you first start up this medication, it can make you tired.  It’s a progressive dose starter pack; this time, as the last time, I was fucking tired each time I started a new dose, but by the second or third week of full dosing I was fine.  Same this time.  I also had an anti anxiety pill specifically for sleeping and night terrors.  I needed it maybe once or twice for a day time thing but I don’t have an up to date rx for that.  That’s fine, I don’t really have night terrors right now.  Bad dreams are not night terrors.

I’m so fucking exhausted.  Like, fall asleep at 7 PM and sleep until 10 AM exhausted.  Like, do your physical therapy exercises and fall asleep counting out your 30 second stretch.  Yes I can set my alarm and wake up.  And then fall asleep on the floor before I make it out of the room.  I could drink coffee and get diarrhea.  Not every time, but maybe 50-60% of the time.  So that’s a fun roulette game.  I can drink coffee if it’s like, 30% coffee, 60% milk/cream, 10% sugar.  That’s not very good for me either, so no.  I started trying to drink a soda in the morning but that was just so fucking unacceptable and worthy enough to make others lose respect for me.  So whee for me, because I love having guilt and self-revulsion attached to diet soda.

I’m fully aware that depression makes you sleep all the time.  Or not sleep enough.  Or maybe for some people sleep exactly the right amount (bastards).  But everyone is different, and as a rule, when I’m on medication I don’t have this problem.  So maybe my body chemistry has changed, maybe this drug doesn’t work as well, maybe I need an additional drug, maybe that additional drug is meth.  I’m not really fancy enough for cocaine, you know.

Since I’ve been sleeping so much, I’ve been making the most of that time by having 1) bad dreams, 2) frustrating dreams, and 3) sad dreams.  One night I had this looping dream about zombies; every time I thought I could escape I’d open the door and was back at the beginning (type 1 and 2).  One of the dreams from this morning (type 2 and 3) I was starting my first day in a grocery store but I didn’t even know what I was supposed to do.  I guess I was supposed to bag groceries after people checked out, but I had to ring them up again? The first man was this old man who was very patient but nothing had a bar code on it and he had things in his cart like 3 buttons from a 5 button pack.  People were getting annoyed and then my dad was there and I asked him if he could get someone to help me.  As he was going he asked if I wanted one of the sweater things that the other cashiers wore (like the smock from Publix) and I yelled at him that I “No, I don’t want a sweater thing!”  The line was snaking around while I was trying to figure out my job.

“No, no, no. That’ll never happen. They would never hire you at Whole Foods.” Do you know what that quote is from??

Dammit, Dad.  Isn’t there a liquor store you can haunt?  Or a cat to go spook somewhere?  I mean, seriously, what a fucking dad thing to say when I need help.  I don’t need a sweater thing.  I don’t know what I need.

Yes, yes I am

At breakfast this morning:

Josh:  Mom, if you could fix your leg by eating hummus every day, would you do it?

Me:  Of course I would!  I eat hummus almost every day anyway.  What if you could get super powers but you had to eat hummus EVERY DAY?  Would you do it?

Josh:  *grossed out face*  NO.  But if there are super heroes, there’d be super villains, right?  So I guess I’d just be a super villain.

Me:  No, no, no, it doesn’t work like that.  You’d probably have to eat something to get super villain powers, too.

Josh:  Like what?

Me:  Mmm, like….onion and pepper salad.  Every day!

Josh:  Ew!  Forget it!  I don’t want powers.

Me:  Well, you know I eat hummus almost every day and salad almost every day and I have peppers and onions in it.  And I’m not a super hero or a super villain.

Josh:  So…you’re Deadpool?

Me:  …Yes.


Aaaand that’s how I became Deadpool.