and I’m sexist, too

Not really. I love that General Dunwoody is now the first female four star general. But really, could they have not gotten a better picture?

Guess where my thumb has been!

Okay, so they tried to provide a better picture; too bad it was altered which is against government policy:

Pretty & Patriotic


Pretty & Patriotic

The picture is basically the same and probably not altered any more than if you got your picture taken at Sears. Granted, they didn’t need the flag background. It should have been the Statue of Liberty. Waving the flag. Crying. With Eagles holding hands. If they had hands, anyway.



I just read this on What Would Tyler Durden Do and it cracked me up:

Why on earth do people have kids? By all outward appearances, they’re nothing but one endless terrifying drama after another, a constant drain on your wallet, your social life and your peace and quiet. Have a kid and your life just became 100 million times harder. You might as well have chopped off one of your feet. Are they cute? Not really, not to anyone but you, but if that’s all you want get a dog and then fold a pirate hat out of some newspaper. There. Ta-da.

I am sure I’ll post again today with an actual picture but my Blackberry hates me and I can’t get the pictures to download -OR- send to an email. It’s probably user error, but still.


Bleach, yet again

I’ve been meaning to mention Bleach manga chapter 321 for a while now. It centers around one of my favorite characters, Ayasegawa Yumichika. Yeah, I’m a nerd, and so many are my “favorites” but I determine a favorite as one that I would like to know more back story on. Chapter 321 shows how fucking badass he really is, which I love. I am (surprisingly) not going to give you a spoiler, just this:

OMG, did I mention I’m a total fangirl nerd? Durrrrr….


photo dump

So much randomness as usual, but here are some things I wanted to share:

What’s wrong with this sign, fellow Grammar Nazis?

It’s funny because it’s true!

This is a real cat with four ears. His name is Yoda.

OMG how young is Billy Corgan in this picture!?!

And last but not least, and not for the faint of heart or weak of stomachs:


Full exposure!

Don’t worry, I cleaned, see?

Until next time, kids…


you better check yourself

As I mentioned in passing, I was in a car wreck earlier this month. I was rear ended on my way to work, right on the ramp to the interstate.

“X” marks the spot

The other car was fairly damaged, at least undrivable more than the one lane over to the shoulder, but my car was mostly undamaged. It still took $1300+ to get it fixed (on her dime, anyway).

Bad quality cell phone pics, but you get the idea. Even worse, one of my coworkers who drives basically the same route as I do saw me sitting on the side of the road. You know how you don’t do anything wrong, but you’re embarrassed anyway? I am *always* that person. I was drugged and out of work for about a week, and it took forever to get my car fixed. In the mean time, Enterprise gave me this:

ho. lee. mo. lee.

Not my fault + 2008 Dodge Charger = Best Wreck EVER


I almost fell out of my chair

…but that has nothing to do with this post.

I haven’t posted any birthday shwag yet and it’s way super past my birthday (July 19 for all of you taking note. FYI, 327 days until my super big importantly numbered birthday, not that I’m counting.)

From the Mr., I got a great gift certificate to Spa Sydell. I still haven’t used it. Maybe I’ll go soon. Amusingly enough, I gave the same gift to my boss who’s birthday is two days after mine. I still haven’t decided what I want to do, so send me a suggestion!

My boss actually forgot my birthday, even though it’s two days before hers, so she felt really awful. Guilt = schwag so she had to outdo my gift with a gift card to Macy’s and some incredible AHAVA Dermud products (the hand, foot and body lotions!) The big thing I got with my gift card is this:

Because you and I both know that with a new Brother 25 Stitch Free Arm Sewing Machine, I will begin churning out awesome creations. The fact that I have not yet done anything super awesome has had nothing to do with my lack of time, energy or skill.

I also received a couple of gifts from my friend Elaine which is sitting here on my desk:

The cat is cute and the necklace is made by orphans in Africa–the beads are tiny strips of magazines! Happy Belated Birthday to me!