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Stuff that happened, Part 2

March through today has been pretty much all about Josh.  Good things and bad things and then good things again.  One thing I’ve decided is that I will be blogging less about him because he’s now at the start of that transition into manhood.  I can’t tell you how much I hate that word, manhood.  Not because of the actual word, but because it means my baby is not a baby anymore.  He hasn’t been a baby for a long time.  I rationally know this but he’s my first born and I’m weepy as fuck.  So let’s get on with it then.

All of these hyper sensitive emotions are because my baby son just turned 10 years old.  Double digits.  One decade.  One year closer to being out of the nest.  This should be a happy thing!  I am happy and blessed to have a perfectly healthy 10 year old son!  I am a total ass for being weepy about this and yet, here we are.

I’m super into Ansatsu Kyōshitsu and just binge read the whole series.

The birthday was fun for him but also fun for me to plan and execute.  He made this year a hard theme for me:  Blizzard Entertainment.  Not just one game, but all the games.

Challenge accepted.

First, the quests:

Time to go on an adventure!

Before we go any further, you can download the “LifeCraft” font right here.  I want to use it for everything, but oh well.  He had 10 quests with a total of 3,650 experience points.  One for each day of his life.  I’m not crying.  Not at all.

Magnus Finnegan Chesterfield also turned 2 years old this year. 15.1 lbs.

Since there are no party supplies actually licensed by Blizzard for any of their games I had to make do with my Macgyver-like skills.  Okay, maybe not Macgyver, but solidly mediocre art skills:

Overwatch and Hearthstone painted wrapping paper. Not pictured: Starcraft, WoW, D3, HotS.
Hearth Stones, Apexis Crystals, various mis-colored potions.
My crowning achievement!

Seriously, though, that fucking cake.  I had to get two 10″ pans which was basically two boxed cake mixes (I’m not a from scratch baker, sue me).  The top is actual icing from a company called Edible Prints on Cake.  It’s literally not literally magic.  If I can do it, anyone can do it.

For posterity, here is my 10 year old baby son opening his presents.  Wearing the pajama pants that he wanted his mom to make him.  Because one day he won’t want handmade things from his mom.  Who won’t want family parties anymore one day.  Who won’t want Magic cards and Attack on Titan swords or Star Wars light sabers.


The next big Josh thing to happen was that he quit his Tae Kwon Do school.  He quit about a week before he was to test from 2nd level brown to red belt.  It was only late summer when he joined the newly formed Black Belt Club and we paid out a ton of money for a new uniform, new gear, and a new higher monthly tuition.  His new instructor left (was practically forced out) and a new-new instructor was somehow amazingly ready to go within two weeks.  How convenient.

This entire year so far has been trying to adjust to the new teacher and his new methods but frankly, it just wasn’t going to happen.  There was absolutely no discipline in the class so the other kids literally –yes, literally– would run around and yell and scream and do whatever the hell they wanted to.  No reprimands from the teacher, nothing.  We went to the coordinator and discussed the situation and she told me “I’ve never seen him teach” so she’d have to look into it.


Who hires someone that you’ve never seen teach?  We even showed her video of the stuff that Josh has to put up with to which she responded ‘unacceptable’.

Well no shit, Sherlock

Now, I don’t want to project my emotions or mental lunacy onto my children, but I can honestly say he was becoming depressed over this whole thing.  The boy who used to practice every day and was always so eager to go to class and learn was gone.  He wouldn’t eat, he was moodier than usual, withdrawn, and most importantly, he didn’t want to go anymore.  A total 180°.  He would gladly not go which used to be the ultimate punishment.  I won’t say much more because we’re still dealing with the whole thing but we made it very clear that he was quitting the school, not the sport.  The day we said “if you want to quit, you can quit”, he made a face akin to hearing that he was going to Disney.

We toured a few other schools but I think we’ve found a place that he will fare better at–it’s literally everything we wanted and it’s completely amazeballs.  The Grandmaster used to train the South Korean military, so there’s that.  It may be a couple of months before he can even start but he actually said he didn’t mind since he knew he was going to a much better school.  Could he be any more wonderful?





Lots of things have been happening since I last posted but I’ll get to that in a minute.  Priorities:  Legion has been so amazing.  Amazing as in a great new class, excellent story line and immersive lore.  All of that aside, it has been utterly heartbreaking.  I am not in the least ashamed to admit that I am very emotionally invested in this game.  It’s no different than a book series or a TV show that you’ve watched for 10 years–at some point it will tear out your heart and leave you there to mourn.


If you haven’t played Legion yet, then don’t watch this.  Or do, whatever, I’m not a cop.  I always worry about spoilers for people who are late to the game.  The clip shows the ending of the cinematic and what I would assume is a generally appropriate response.  If it had been me, all you’d see is tears and snot and general embarrassment.

This is worse than Admiral Commander Taylor.

Of course, after witnessing the horrible demise of our great King, I am tasked with bringing his final words to his son, Prince King Anduin.

Look at how depressed he is.

I mean, he’s sunken into the steps of the dais.  He loses his mother as a baby and now this!?  He’s a priest, not a warrior!  What now?

We all stood there and stared, no knowing what to say or do.

Jokes aside, it’s been awesome to play.  Demon hunters, demon invasions, new things to do in old places–all great.  Of course I made a demon hunter on the first day.  I put a lot of thought into what I was going to name him.  Just kidding, there was absolutely no other name possible:

Flame Warden is as close to Warden as I could get. Maybe Love Fool would be a better title?

I opted out of horns because everyone has horns and I couldn’t find a leather duster to transmog him into.  I did give him some scraggly hair that needs to be cut and facial hair.  If only, IF ONLY demon hunters could wield staves I’d be so dorkily happy.

We always need a little help from our friends.

I mean, you knew he needed a companion, right?

This makes me want to create a whole other imaginary Dresden Files world inside of Warcraft.  Karrin Murphy as a warrior?  Michael Carpenter as a paladin?  Molly Carpenter as a warlock?  Waldo is a gnome.  He just has to be.  William and Georgia as worgen, of course.  Who could be a priest?  Charity?  Don’t mind me, just rambling on and on.

tl;dr:  Legion is fun, go play it now.

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Father’s Day Nerd Fun

Ahh, Father’s Day weekend, one of the better times of year.  Usually because Father’s day means I get to go out to dinner and eat steak and possibly watch a movie.  I mean, I have to go with the Mr. and the family but I’d probably do that anyway, so that’s fine.

We *finally* went to see World of Warcraft!  I loved it!  I know, surprise, right?  Truthfully, I had serious concerns.  Let’s face it—fantasy movies have a high possibility of horribleness.

Not all of them.  I mean, some are horrible in the best way.

So first, all of the things I liked:

I didn’t get it at first.

Anduin Lothar: I have nothing bad to say about a young Anduin Lothar. Great acting and completely believable as the loyal hero of legend.  “Who needs boots when your giant balls can keep your feet warm?” – actual quote from the movie*.

I do parties. In fact, I am the party. Click his face for more!

(Former?) Apprentice Khadgar: LOOK AT BABY KHADGAR! You can really see the snarky Archmage in this character and I felt like you could get the sense of the power of his real natural abilities.

All the other things:  While we did wait to see the movie specifically for Father’s Day weekend, I can honestly say I avoided everything possible regarding the movie so that I could be surprised when I saw it.  I didn’t know who was playing who other than Travis Fimmel in the part of Anduin Lothar.  The background shots were exquisite.  The costuming was so accurately detailed and felt so true to the lore, the stories, the games, the books.  Buildings, animals (HOLY SHIT THAT GRYPHON), the ambiance via the towns people, the murlocs, the panning views across Elwynn Forest!

Medivh:  The acting and power were there, actual lore, not so much.  I did appreciate how large scale spells are depicted which stays truer to lore compared to video game mechanics.  I will say I really, really hate how they tinkered with his story, but it’s a good excuse to post this clip.

And for bonus, another cinematic for the upcoming release of Legion.  I haven’t pre-ordered but I will.  Probably a week before launch because I’m lazy.  The cover of Dust in the Wind on top of the graphics is really moving.  I may or may not have cried in the movie theater when this showed.  Don’t judge me.

Now, onto the parts of the movie that I believe fell short.  I give this movie a 7 out of 10 which sounds incredibly harsh but the opportunity for improvement was so high.  I am going to write this as spoiler-free as possible, but it’s also possible I’m the last person on the planet to have seen the movie since it’s been out a whole week and a half.

Knowledge is power.

I do not take the honor of Loremaster lightly.  The story that was written for Garona was so watered down and stylized.  Unnecessary changes.  I understand the use of plot device and the movie is not the book, not the game, and not the lore.  But come on.  She is translating for a Draenei at the beginning of the movie FFS!  Maybe the sequels will make it all come together, but there was NO REASON FOR IT TO NOT BE TOGETHER NERD RAAAAAGE!

She’s making that face because her story doesn’t make sense.


That armor is for show. FOR SHOW I SAY!  Garona is still making that face.

King Llane.  Nice enough guy.  Behavior of a king?  Give me a fucking break.  His actions are not the actions of someone who trusts in The Guardian and there was no reason for him not to.  While the scene (and if you’ve seen it you know what I’m talking about) was necessary to move the story along quickly, the decision was not his to make.  I’m not going to spoil it BUT COME ON AGAIN.  I am writing in ALL CAPS AND SAYING NOTHING BUT YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN IT WAS SO DUMB HOLY FUCK WHAT A WIENER.

Blame Pip. It’s always PIppen’s fault.

The foreground plants.  This is the dumbest, nit-pickingist of them all but the fucking plants.  The ents in LOTR: The Two Towers ruined plants in movies forever.  Look at how fake that shit is.  I want real motherfucking ents.  PAY MORE FOR THE REAL THING, HIRE ENTS NOT PEOPLE IN ENT FACE. A desert/dry area scene and a spot overlooking the orc camp.  This kind of detail pisses me off.  There were plenty of other outside scenes where the setting is perfect.  One unnatural, plastic-y rustling and my suspension of disbelief is out the window.


Because this makes more sense.

Did we have to change the story behind every major orc character?  Really?  That’s not how this works!  That’s not how any of this works!

Your skin is green because you are full of lies.

7 out of 10 isn’t bad.  I’d own it, but not pay to see it again in the theater.  I loved it more than I didn’t and as far as movies made from video games, comic books, novels, etc, I’d say it did well.  The onus is on the second movie now to show why all these changes were made and to move the story along at an acceptable pace.

Overall a good Father’s Day.  It’s usually an easy time to get lost in nostalgia but this is the first time in a long time that it felt as if we were all living in the present.

A nice present indeed.

*actual quote is actual quote.  Watch the movie, it’s in there.

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Mildly Annoyed Technically Asian Lady

First, completely unrelated to my mild annoyance of this post:

The numbers are not pretty, unlike your face.

Check out these articles here and here.  <facebook post>Says a lot. I’ve been pretty unhappy and burned out on this expansion; I honestly only still have my account for the kids to play and for the undying hope that it’s going to get better. Paying $15 a month to log into my garrison and click buttons and log out. Tsk, tsk.</facebook post>

So, back to my original annoyance.  I am Asian.  Wait, that’s not what annoys me.  Jeez, I’m a poor writer.  BACK ON TRACK:  I am Asian but was raised in a very white, middle American town.  I had a fairly Asian home life but almost all of my friends were white (demographics!).  I grew up with the super white grunge 90s mentality.  I don’t speak anything fluently but English.  Old Chinese women that I don’t know have yelled at me for not speaking Chinese.  I don’t celebrate Chinese New Year anymore, but I want to, *but* I feel weird even thinking about doing it after so many years of not doing it/never doing it on my own as an adult.

My second favorite part!  (Food.  Food is always my favorite part of everything.)

Having said that, the truth is that feeling white doesn’t actually mean that I am white.  I have had my share of racism/discrimination.  The “what are you, anyway?”, the “go back to your own country”, the “welcome to America”.  The “you speak English really good!” (yes, the irony of bad grammar), the “wow, you don’t sound like you have a foreign name!”, the “do your parents own a nail salon or a laundromat?”  Now that I have children, I get the “oh do you speak your native language to them at home?” and the “he doesn’t even have chinky eyes!”,  Definitely not as bad as many others have it.  Still upsetting to me because it’s a reminder of this weird barrier between me and everyone else.   And I never think of a witty rebuttal until way after the fact.

Next time, for sure.

It took me a long time to understand why I sympathized with other groups of people that have a history of discrimination.  I think it falls under the “if people are shitty to you, they could be shitty to me” mentality.  I get my feathers ruffled at the injustices of the world that I’m lucky enough to watch on the news and not be part of.  But it’s shitty on all sides, one group to another to another, regardless of who’s on top.  How about we *all* stop being shit heads?  We could do that, right?

The spark for this post was an article I read today regarding the official city apology to an ethnic group.  The title of this post might give it away a bit, but subtlety was never my strong point.  The author says “better late than never”.

Better late than never?  Ungrateful.  Completely ungrateful.

Is being sorry enough?  Not if you refuse to fix the problem going forward.  Not if you do not acknowledge the wrongs that were committed.  A true apology does that-acknowledges the wrongs committed.  But here’s a science fact (as of 8/5/2015):  you can’t change the past.  You seriously super can’t.

Seriously sound advice.

Dear groups/people/races/plants/zombies/other: If you have been discriminated in the past, or mistreated, or abused, or looked at sideways and you are acknowledged or apologized to, don’t say “better late than never”.

It’s snarky.  It makes you look like an asshole.  Being angry doesn’t excuse being an asshole.  There’s a difference.

It also makes you look like a butt head.

Feel some sort of minimum satisfaction that you/your ancestors/people you know have been acknowledged and the wrongs have been acknowledged.  A MINIMUM.  Is this perfect?  Of course not.  If life was perfect, no one would have been wronged in the first place. Thou shalt not stir a foot to seek a foe.  Keep working on making things good and right going forward.  Educate, the good AND the bad.  Destroying an item doesn’t change the past or people’s minds and ideas.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.  For the record, I used to dye my hair burgundy, wear dark lipstick and paint my nails either black or vamp.  LEST WE FORGET.

I understand that you don’t get to regulate other people’s feelings.  Being angry is one of those great primal emotions that is so hard to regulate.  On the other side of that, anger without progress is worthless.  Wasted energy.


Aside from this little rant, school has started this week and it hasn’t been that bad.  “Not that bad” is pretty much all I could hope for and I’ll post more on that eventually.  I’m so ready for summer to be over.

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Yesterday was October

I mean, I guess today is October as well.  October, too.  October Two.

I’m not done with my story, but I’m a real slackass if you haven’t noticed.  In the mean time, let me tell you about October first.  October, first.

Autumn is my favorite time of year.  Period.  Winter is a super close second and only gets second place because it comes so late in the year.  Autumn is the time for knitting, football, pumpkin pie everything, Halloween, Thanksgiving and FOOD.  The cooler weather is the herald of hibernation season and it is the time for stews and chilies.  I had decided that October First would hence be known as Chili Day.  Truthfully, I was planning on making chili like, every day before that day but it was so stupid hot.  You can eat chili when it’s in the upper 80s, but why would you want to?  Long story short: Wednesday was the first and I was bound and determined to make some goddamned chili.

And then disaster struck.

Not a catastrophic explosion or anything. I was looking for any reason to use this gif. Sorrynotsorry.

Meat, sausage, onions, and garlic in the pot.  Making good sounds and good smells.  Time for dry ingredients: chili powder, flour, salt, all the other stuff.  Bullshit thing number 1:  I was out of chili powder.  What in the holy hell?  I’ve got 4 lbs of meat cooking on the stove and no chili powder.  I’m the worst.  THE WORST.


I decide I’m going to mix the rest of the stuff so everything is ready and prepared: 1. go to the store, 2. get chili powder, 3. ?, 4. profit.  Time was ticking because Wednesday is Tae Kwon Do day and chili takes forever if you want it to be chili-y so I was scrambling.  Time to add the salt to the dry mix!  Yay!  Open the mini metal drawbridge on the cardboard can and pour.  Then the real fucking disaster struck:


This. Thing. Was. In. The. Salt.  The can was closed.  THIS THING WAS ALIVE.  Suddenly, salt.  Salt everywhere.  This piece of shit stink bug flew up towards my face and by sheer force of will and screaming did it fall down into the bowl again with the flour and everything else but chili powder.  I had to flush a bowl of flour and bug into the toilet.  I was over 9000% done.  NO chili powder.  The meat was cooled and put in the fridge and I made chili today sans motherfucking flying stink bug and it was delicious.

Today also marked the first trip to the eye doctor in 3 years.  The glasses I have been wearing are at least one year older than that–my prescription wasn’t that different and I wore contacts most of the time so there was no real reason to buy glasses.  I have been meaning to go, and I desperately needed to.  I am near-sighted with astigmatism and I couldn’t see the damn cable guide from the bed.  SRS BSNS.  Also, as I was laying in the dark, I noticed that my right eye’s vision was obscured by a shadow.  Not a floater, not a solid black, but a shadow.  My left eye was fine.  I panicked, looked in the mirror, shined lights in my eyes, used eye drops, sacrificed a goat–the whole nine yards.  I was crying because I was sure I was going blind.

I hate this fucking eye so bad.

The doctor was great, checked everything, not going blind.  Did not have a retinal detachment.  Did not have glaucoma.  Could not confirm if I saw a ghost.  Two out of three ain’t bad. The astigmatism in my right eye was literally double the amount of bad it was last time (I have no idea how they measure it, but it was double) AND I could probably use some reading glasses.  Yay.  She was funny though, “as we become more wise…” instead of “bitch you old”.   Free pair of contacts.  Much like the first shot of heroin is free to try because YOU WILL DEFINITELY NEED MORE.

I have other medical conditions that can screw up my eye-bowls so I always get them dilated whether I want contact lenses or not (I doooo).  It is always hilarious because I always feel like this:


For those of you with eyes that actually work, they put drops in your eyes that sting just a smidge and after about 10 minutes you can’t read a thing.  Too much light going into your eye.  The best part was having my seven year old was read the price tags of the frames and lamenting the cost (why are they over $200?  That’s crazy!) and critiquing every pair I picked up.

Too square.
Too round.
Too big.
Not enough color.
Ugly color.
Too OLD.

I also got to wear the cool sunglasses they give you when your eyes are dilated, and by sunglasses, I mean a strip of curled darkened plastic that wraps around your head.  I looked awesome, as always.  So all in all, a decent day.

I will update and finalize my hospital experience soon.  In the mean time I’m just trying to live this life.

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So, once upon a time (a couple of months ago or so) I was sitting in bed with the kiddos, watching TV, and playing around on my computer.  I wasn’t even playing Warcraft, believe it or not, when Robin asked me to tell her the story of Arthas.

#nomakeup #nofilter

Luckily for her, I had recently read Rise of the Lich King and Death Knight.  Did I mention that I love my library? They’re the bees’ knees.  Anywho, I go on about Arthas and and his life as a Prince, his horse Invincible, how he tried to save his kingdom, and his eventual fall.  I went on to describe the Scourge and how scary they were when she got really excited because she “she knew this part because it was in a song”.

Oh, really?  What song?

Home on the Range

Oh…*that* song.

Now tell me that’s not the most adorable thing ever.



Merry Christmas/Happy New Year/Joyeux ChÜberlist: 2014–The Year of the Things

HI.  I really want to backdate this entry, but what’s the fun in that?

Unrelated: It’s past midnight right now and I’m watching the Cotton Bowl and screaming at the TV.  It’s a serious butt-clencher, so bear with me.

I have so much to talk about so I don’t even know where to start.  First, I’ve done the unthinkable:

I have been Diet Coke free for a month.

I know, I can barely believe it either.  I realized that as I’ve aged (horribly) that I am more sensitive to medicines and drugs.  And since I was one step away from mainlining Diet Coke it mildly affected my sleeping pattern.  Apparently being tired all the time isn’t normal.  So, I’m still tired all the time, but now it’s just because I’m lazy and not because I’ve been up all night.  Baby steps.

Secondly, I’ve been playing WoW again and having a great time.  I finally got Nagrand Slam (months ago) which I hadn’t been able to do in all of my previous incarnations.


It’s the little, insignificant things in my imaginary life that make me happy.  Imaginary awards are where it’s at.

The holidays were a crap shoot but I made a literal (not literal) ton of food.  HOLY SHIT THAT TURNOVER AND TOUCH DOWN WITH 55 SECONDS LEFT ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?  I had an out of town guest!  Crazy pants.  The kids had a great Christmas.  Here are my favorite pictures:

Every girl wants a cold mist humidifier!
The enthusiasm for this set of bakeware is electric!

Those boxes  may or may not have had girly Legos and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figures.  Maybe next year they’ll both have matured enough to appreciate the gift of self sufficient baking and well hydrated sinuses.

I have so much more to discuss, but it will have to wait.  Here’s the plan for this year:

1. Stay married.  2013 was a year wrought with bullshit on all sides.   It’s complicated and dumb and there were lawyers and things.  But, after everything, it boils down to being deliberate with actions and choices.  
2. Don’t kill myself.  Or, more specifically, to be more accepting of my own mental illness.  I’ve had serious struggles with depression throughout my life (nature and nurture, yay) and it’s just come to a point in my life where I refuse to have terror discussing it.
3. Donate my hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths
4. Buy more track pants.  Because I can’t bring myself to wear sweat pants out in public and track pants are still bad but also comfy.
5. Quit buying souvenir tee shirts.  At least buy a fucking polo or hooded sweatshirt.  Pleb. 
6. Have “dinner” clothes. Jeans and a tee shirt are not acceptable for all restaurants. 
7. Organize my life, at least a little bit.  I have had this book for so many years and just realized that the cover showed ‘ducks in a row’.  I’m slowwwwwww.
8. Own more footwear than flip flops and men’s tennis shoes.  Not uncomfortable shoes, mind you, but maybe nothing orthopedic. 
9. Manicure.  Not just because I don’t want to look like a vagrant, but also because I read somewhere, sometime, in a land far, far away that painting your fingernails is important for your mental well being.  There are few other activities where you have to simply sit and wait.

More Stuff
10. Sky Scarf  I’m going to call it a Skarf.
11. Finish Christmas stockings
12. Plan Christmas crafts for 2014, finish by October 31
13. Birthday socks for the kids done ON TIME for once.
14. New hats and scarves for the kids by Thanksgiving
15. Quilt all the things!
16. Clean up my fucking craft room for once
17. Recreate and chart the only two hand made things I have left from my Grandmother
18. Argyle something

Other things
19. Fix my knee either by doctor or amputation
20. Stay caffeine free
21. Eat fruit and yogurt every day.    This is nice…I ate a huge plate of pizza rolls the other day
22. Start tracking my water intake and drink enough plain water a day to pass the pee test
23. Wake up at 7 AM to have an hour to myself before the kids want something
24. Journal every day, even if it’s just one word
25. Learn to meditate without falling asleep

Everything else
26. Replace master bath sink faucets by myself.
27. Replace shower door.
28. Paint everything in the bathroom
29. Seal off jets in tub to make a soaking tub.
30. Blog more regularly, multiple times a week.
31. Watch more movies.
32. Get the ice maker fixed
33. Comment more on blogs I like.  I did this tonight and I got a notice that it went directly to spam.  And then I crawled back into my creeper hole in the ground.
34. Accept my weird and creepy nature.  Specifically, I’m just  myself.  I’d rather say something overly nice and risk being weird and creepy to have the slim chance of making someone happy.
35. Give people the benefit of the doubt when they say something nice to me.  As opposed to immediately thinking they’re making fun of me.  Which they usually are.  Which I’m sure they’re not.

I feel like I should add more to this; as usual I’ll probably add more later and give myself extra credit.

I need extra credit on my own resolution list.

Happy New Year!

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Update: Nerd Problems

Three days.  That’s all it took.  Three days after I posted my nerd problems, something amazing happened.

For realsies.

My Codex Alera books were available at the library.  Both of them.  Now, after waiting for nearly a month and still being number 2 and 4 in line, I wasn’t holding my breath.  I never read the e-mail notices for pick up because I usually know what I’m getting.  Saturday, I knew I was picking up a few World of Warcraft books (nerd) and maybe I’d find something else fun to read.  I was having an intensely frustrating morning so I seized a rare moment of alone time to peruse books at my leisure.  I had an armload of books and went to find my hold books.  They’re shelved by last name but I couldn’t find the books I was expecting (5 WoW books, ermagerd).

They were on their own shelf.  Along with these:

OH! OH! And Side Jobs was just sitting on the shelf. I hadn’t even bothered to try to reserve it.

I had to put back three or four other books I had just so I could carry away my spoils.  Did you notice anything else about those Codex Alera books?  Like how pretty and unmarred they are?  I wanted to cry.

Brand. Fucking. New.

Ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod.  They were brand new.  I tweeted my impatience to Jim Butcher because I’m what you call “a crazy person”.  I mean, come on.  There are people out there that are worse fangirls than I am.  And no one really reads that stuff, right?  But in my mind, I picture Jim Butcher stumbling across my tweet, picking up his terribly outdated author’s phone (like the President’s phone, but…for authors.  Shut up.) and ordered more books to be sent to my county library.  Post haste.  That’s how it works, right?  I’m sure it is.

Then, on Sunday, I got another e-mail and definitely read it.


HOLY FUCK IT’S LIKE CHRISTMAS.  I’m picking it up today.  So now here are the books I have on hand:

The Road
The Anthologist
Side Jobs
Academ’s Fury
Cursor’s Fury
Arthas: The Rise of the Lich King
Jaina Proudmoore: Tides of War
The Shattering: Prelude to Cataclysm
Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother

I’ll pick up Death Masks today.  The Tiger Mother book is audio, and I had intended to listen to it while knitting or driving.  The Warcraft books are wholly the fault of Nobbel87 and his lore series.  Those are all the novels my library has, I believe, aside from the graphic novels.  Frustrating that they don’t have all of them.  *sigh*

I”m half way through with Academ’s Fury.  I’m not able to read as much or as quickly as I like because of birthday sock making and football season.  I’ve started on Tides of War and read only a few chapters.  The Anthologist is halfway done, abandoned the second the Codex books were available.  The CD player in my car is not working so I’ll have to listen to Battle Hymn in the house…which is a bit crazy, because house time is book time.  I might have to admit defeat on that one and send it back unlistened.

In other mildly less dorky news, thank god for this slew of books.  The thought of my Dad  has been weighing on me heavily.  I need distractions.  Maybe I’ll discuss it later.  In the mean time:

Smell it. Smelllllll it.

Distractions call.


Photo Dump: For Giggles

Fact: I can burn pasta because I’m easily distracted.

Here are some things to laugh and giggle at because I need to laugh just a little bit more:

You, too can be this happy. All you need is a hamburger.
“Math” vs. “Maths” Sorry Singaporeans, I call it math.
I don’t care if you’re sick of him. I love that cat.
Teach your children at a young age!
I don’t know if this is just Asian families or all immigrant families or all families everywhere. But it’s true.
I am decrepit.
Next project.
I thought this was a pan of brownies. PRO TIP: Brownies do not have corn plants growing out of them. Lesson learned.

Last, but never least, my imaginary boyfriend Crendor.  <3  (I think I’m the Non-Stop Swearer)