Stuff that Happened, Part 1

February was totally stupid.  The Mr. had a birthday that I can honestly say I can’t remember much of.  The day before his birthday was quite memorable, though. The kids and I got into a car accident. Here’s the best part:  everything has only been resolved and settled as of this week.  Literally 10 weeks to the day.  Ten. Fucking. Weeks.

A woman backed her car into me in a parking lot and tried to say that I hit her because she “has a backup cam so it couldn’t have been her fault”.  Yeah, okay.  She immediately called the police and wouldn’t say a word to me, which isn’t a bad thing.  Most insurance people tell you not to talk to anyone.  She hit on the passenger side where Josh sits so he took the brunt of the collision.

Speaking of collision, I forgot that I haven’t received the check for the damages for his physical injuries so FUCK I have to call Allstate again tomorrow.  *angrily scribbles on to do list*

ANYWAY, here’s the aftermath:

Position of our vehicles in the parking lot.

She pulled out so fast that I didn’t have time to react.   She hit square into the rear passenger door and the rear passenger quarter panel.

Photo of the front of my car.

She fought hard to say that I hit her, but when the police came, he saw exactly what I saw–no damage to the front of my car.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a car of the future so I can’t turn my wheels 90 degrees and slam into someone sideways.  The police report can’t officially declare who is at fault because it’s private property but the explanation was “car pulled out of parking spot and struck driver’s vehicle” so that’s pretty much saying who was at fault.

My poor car.

Angled view of the damage.

This picture was to show that the doors no longer lined up evenly and when I drove, I could hear the wind coming in as if the door was not fully closed.  I didn’t realize it until it rained but water leaked in everywhere on that side so the door was definitely not sealing correctly.  I had to have Josh sit in the front seat which as all overprotective parents know is not where young children should sit!  We did take Josh to the urgent care because his elbow was hurting; thankfully he was fine–just needed ibuprofen and rest.

Crack is whack

My car is old; 2005 and was the very first car I bought by myself (like an adult!) and it was new.  It’s been my reliable workhorse forever, but the bad part about that is they no longer make this vehicle.  Saturn stopped production and when I need parts, I have to get them used or pay an exorbitant amount of money.  So Allstate, the other lady’s insurance, was of course trying to do everything as cheaply as possible.  Their estimate was literally $1,000+ less than my repair guy’s estimate.  When I had my car assessed by Allstate, the guy was super nice and explained everything very clearly, and how if there was more internal damage, the shop would have to contact Allstate and have them pay for it.  He even cleaned off a big paint streak that I got on my car before the accident but that is another story entirely.  They gave me cash for their estimate and I was on my way.


Allstate provided a rental, but the main adjuster was such a fucking piece of shit to me every step of the way and I am still not done with her.  They don’t issue rentals mid week; usually only on Monday or Tuesday because god forbid I use the cheap rental over the weekend.  I had to schedule my car repair to start on a Monday so I could get the rental and since I know this person was either inexplicably vengeful or simply utterly inept at their job, I called Allstate to double check and make sure I was able to get the confirmation code for the rental.

Nope.  No rental for me!  I spent half of my drive to the repair shop trying to get this taken care of so I wouldn’t be stranded with the kids.  I got it worked out, buthe original time frame for the rental was 3 days.

It took 3 weeks to get my car back from the repair shop.  3 WEEKS HOLY BALLS.

Had a very cute rental, though. Cute and so tiny.

It wasn’t the repair guy’s fault.  Allstate refused the repairs over and over and over and even sent their own inspector out again.  He was there for 5 minutes and said APPROVED.  There were multiple incidents of this.  My rental was cancelled by Allstate on April 20…but they didn’t tell me or Enterprise about it.  Enterprise found out on the 24th and they contacted me.  So I had to go back and forth and back and forth with Allstate again.  I ended up having to pay $124 out of pocket for the rental which Enterprise quickly and courteously refunded.  I’m so impressed with their service I’m going to write a letter to whoever needs to get it.  They were fantastic.

So basically this has been an entirely shit process and I would advise anyone to stay the hell away from Allstate as an insurance provider.   I can’t believe this stupid thing still isn’t over.

Field Trip!

This week the kiddos and I decided to go on a field trip to the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir and it was completely amazeballs.

From the parking lot.

From the parking lot.

I was looking for things in the area to do with the kids that wasn’t crazy expensive -and- was somewhat educational.  When I came across information of the mandir, I couldn’t pass it up.

I don’t subscribe to any specific religion and I’m not converting to Hinduism anytime soon.  What I know about Hinduism comes from mythology and the only Hindu that I know, Apu Nahasapeemapetilon.


I need the Kwik-E-Mart.

The campus is huge, gated, meticulous and incredibly beautiful.  We stayed outside looking around at every little detail before going inside to attend the midday Rajbhog Arti ceremony.  We were in the way back as to not get in the way of people praying.   The detail in the hand cut marble, inside and outside, is really awesome.  The kids were losing their minds at how big it was and how it was like a castle.

I would have called it a palace, but whatever.

I would have called it a palace, but whatever.

Artsy shot of the architecture.

Artsy shot of the architecture.



Reflecting over the reflecting pool.

Reflecting over the reflecting pool.

This is the closest picture I could get of the Mandir. No photos after that point.

This is the closest picture I could get of the Mandir. No photos after that point.

Now, while I know very little about Hinduism, I do know to be respectful and follow the posted rules.  One of the rules that stood out was the restriction on photography/filming inside and outside of the mandir.  I even emailed to inquire if we could bring sketchbooks (we could) because I didn’t want to be an asshole.

One of the best parts of our tour was a woman visiting the shrine.  She was blatantly shooting video on her phone which really aggravated me.  When the staff/volunteers began to approach her, she quickly put her phone away and made the “it’s okay” gesture at the men.  They made her delete the photos and videos.

Best. Day. Ever.

Best. Day. Ever.

We had a great time, though to no one’s surprise the kids were not fans of Indian food.  Too spicy or too bean-y or just too out of their comfort zone.  I actually wasn’t much of a fan either, but maybe it was simply because it was prepared in a snack bar/cafe instead of a restaurant…which really doesn’t make sense because the snack bar/cafe food is usually super good in these out of the way places.  No matter, a good time was had by all.

Did I mention I'm a child?  Yeah, every time I say the word, this pops into my head.

Did I mention I’m a child? Yeah, every time I say the word, this pops into my head.

Post Script: Dragon Con 2016

I’m glad he didn’t spend much money at Dragon Con.  He used the remainder of his money to buy some books and video games, but more importantly, he decided that he wanted to advance his Tae Kwon Do training.  New classes:  longer, more intensive, and more focused than standard after school classes.  New uniform.  New gear.  New price.

I am thankful every day that we can afford to support our kids with what they love, but we’re also not stupid.  He’s quite a serious kid, but he’s still a kid.  The biggest prerequisite for Mom and Dad paying out more money was that he had to buy his own protective gear.

Two hundred dollars worth.

I bought the uniform, though.

I bought the uniform, though.

$200 for protective gear and a bag (which is really nice quality, by the way), $100 for a new uniform, and $25 per month extra for the intermediate class.  The new classes are longer so it really is worth it and we can be much more flexible in our schedule.

Oh, and we’ll have to buy weapons, too.


My baby boy.  With weapons.

I hate everything.

I hate everything.

I’m dying here.  He’s growing up so fast–too fast.  he’s had to be too responsible in the past and I can’t take that back and make it right.  I don’t want a mama’s boy…but this is so hard for me.  It’s stupid.  I’m proud and I don’t want to ever hold him back but deep down, I just don’t want to get left behind.  I know he still needs me and he will always need me in some way.

He does love me, you know.

I wish my dad could tell me if I’m doing things right with my son.

Fucking hell.  I wanted to brag about my awesome kid and now I’m just sad.  How the hell do you learn to parent when you don’t have parents?

Ugh, not this shit again.

Ugh, not this shit again.


I am done with my second carpal tunnel surgery so I can type again; I have more important things to blog about than my weepy abandonment issues.