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Post-Post Op Post

So after surgery I couldn’t do anything with my right hand which sucks because it’s incredibly dominant.  As in Ol’ Lefty can’t do anything.  Toilet time is the worst.  THE WORST.  Aquarium maintenance is fucking awful but I must say, my back and left arm hurt a LOT so I guess I have that going for me.  The last time my left arm was stronger than my right arm was when I cashiered; right hand grabs the stuff, left hand bags and puts it in the cart.  It’s really weird to use my left hand and I have to stop myself from grabbing things with my right hand out of habit.  So, here’s what I did while I was being pathetic:


They were all so young and the pictures are so haunting.

I read Dead Mountain: The Untold True Story of the Dyatlov Pass Incident.  I’ve loved this story since I was a child and I was always in the paranormal conspiracy camp.  This book gives some real discussion as to what exactly happened and I think the answer makes a lot of sense.  The only part of the book I didn’t like was that it was half story, half introspective writing and the introspective part bored me.  I can say that it really built up to the ending and explored all the angles.  All in all, it’s a real tragedy no matter what you think happened.

Meow. MEOW.

Second book was The Cinder Spires: The Aeronaut’s Windlass by the amazing Jim Butcher.  I’m totally a fangirl but when I started reading it, it wasn’t exactly my cup of tea.  For about two pages and then I read it all in one day.  That’s the real fucking shit right there–I wait for months if not years for a new book to come out and the authors have the gall to write a book that I read non-stop in one day.  Lather, rinse, repeat.  So discourteous.  It’s a steam-punk world and the writing is very visual.  I felt like I could absolutely see everything.  If you’ve read The Codex Alera series and of course The Dresden Files some of the ideas and imagery will be familiar but I’m not giving anything away.  I am not saying that he writes some timeless literature, but I will say he writes damn good fucking stories that I can’t put down and I want to binge read them until my eyeballs fall out.

He’s going to be at Dragon Con this year and the Mr. and the Boy are going AND I AM NOT BECAUSE THE WORLD ISN’T FAIR but hopefully the Mr. will get Jim’s autograph on a piece of sheet music that I have.  Then again, I bet they won’t even get his autograph because the lines will be crazy pants.  Maybe I’ll just write him a fan letter and enclose the sheet music for him to sign.  Because that won’t make me sound crazy.

Fan Girls Gone Wild

Last but not least, I read Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns).  A fun, quick read that was overly relatable in some places but not so much in others.  You have friends?  You have family?  Okay, Miss Perfect!  But seriously, I thought it was an honest little memoir, funny, and interesting without the gut wrenching confessions that you get in a lot of these types of books.  As in, normal girl does well!  Let’s congratulate her on not getting pregnant at 14 and becoming a heroin addict!   I want to be best friends with her but I’m 100% not cool enough.


There was no Netflix and chill, but there was cravings for chili dogs but I couldn’t drive so I had to settle for nothing.  Story of my life.  Binge watched Expedition Unknown because I like Josh Gates and I miss Destination Truth.  This episode in particular scared the shit out of me.

I also binge watched The Dead Files.  I want so, so badly for it to be real.  I know it’s probably not, but I like it.  Steve DiSchiavi gives it credibility in my mind.  I want it to be real.

I do, I really, really do.

I also think that Amy Allen looks like Flo from the Progressive Insurance commercials.  Google “Amy Allen faces” to get a chuckle.


I did watch some movies too, for as much as I could stay awake for.  Drugs are one helluva drug.  Lots of fun silliness–I couldn’t concentrate for the more serious films (sorry, Jiro Dreams of Sushi).

I have also been playing a lot of Civ IV because I don’t need two hands for that.

And that really sums up my exciting adventures.  Whee.


Photo Dump: Thrifty Lit

1.  Not so thrifty:

Fact: not my highest fine from the library.

I also received an email today stating “Our records show at least $50.00 in fines on your account.” and then “Total Due: $24.20”

To be fair, the library is for readin’, not rithmeticin’

2. I drink tea when I read:


I usually get my tea from fatty meats so I have no idea how this tea is trans fat free.  Who knew??

3. Confession:  I never watched Reading Rainbow.  I’M SORRY.

1981, baby.

25 cents each, perfect condition.  It’s missing one of the full Reading Rainbow set.  If I could find Could Be Worse that matched this set that would be fantastic! (No, it’s not on ebay)



Okay, the truth is I am quite patriotic.  You can love your country and still be at odds with those in the position of power.  These are FANTASTIC.  I’m really excited!

5. Punny!

This joke will be lost on the 6 year old.

Seriously, Grapes of Wrath isn’t on the syllabus until 2nd grade.  Pre-multiplication is right on target.  We also got The Hershey’s Kisses Addition Book because chocolate..

6. Reading just for fun is the best:

Strawberry Shortcake, Berenstain Bears, JOKES
The teeth! The mustache!

35 books total at 25 cents a pop.  Not bad!  The best part is that the kids love reading and get ridiculously excited for books.  It’s not outrageous to say we’ve bought hundreds of books from this thrift store both for kids and for adults. I’m glad to pass down my love of books to my kids.

And pizza.  Also my love of pizza.  NOMNOMNOM



I live

I’ve been somewhat absent lately.  Making myself scarce, so to speak.  Sometimes I just can’t shut up about my problems and other times…

Anyway, first thing’s first:  I had to wait 41 days to read the next Dresden Files book.

I see what you did there.

I just don’t have the money at the moment to buy every book I desperately want and this series is right at the top of that list.  To wait 41 days to read a book that took…4 hours to read just isn’t fair in a way.  There was apparently *ONE* copy of it in the whole county system and whoever had the book must have freaking lost it or destroyed it or ran away with it.  They had to (again) order new books and I was still second in line for it.  Then the person for whom it was being held didn’t even bother to pick it up so that tacked on an extra week of annoyed waiting.  But I got it, read it and I’m proud to say that I actually figured something out before it was revealed in the story.  I was not disappointed or felt as if the story had become predictable; I was more excited to find out if I was right.

Finally, this is relevant to me! And Sue was gray and black, not green. Pfft.

Since I was having such an annoying time getting books from the li-berry, I decided to check out the next three books in the series and renew them over and over so that I wouldn’t have to wait.

I’ll probably have them done by Monday.  I’m the epitome of of the second deadly sin.  Which reminds me, I should totally put in the hold requests for the next few books.  I don’t remember if I mentioned it or not, but I blew out the Codex Alera series in a blink.  I still don’t know how I feel about the ending.   Is it wrong that I wanted more death?  I felt a bit of the deus ex machina showing.  Or maybe I’m just sadistic in that I want my heroes to succeed, but at a high and nasty cost.  I’m kind of an asshole.

In other news, you are the classiest:

There are a *ton* of wiener shots on my page, actually.

But nerds of a feather and all that.  I saw this and it made me laugh:

My stats, flipping me the bird.

*waves adieu*



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Update: Nerd Problems

Three days.  That’s all it took.  Three days after I posted my nerd problems, something amazing happened.

For realsies.

My Codex Alera books were available at the library.  Both of them.  Now, after waiting for nearly a month and still being number 2 and 4 in line, I wasn’t holding my breath.  I never read the e-mail notices for pick up because I usually know what I’m getting.  Saturday, I knew I was picking up a few World of Warcraft books (nerd) and maybe I’d find something else fun to read.  I was having an intensely frustrating morning so I seized a rare moment of alone time to peruse books at my leisure.  I had an armload of books and went to find my hold books.  They’re shelved by last name but I couldn’t find the books I was expecting (5 WoW books, ermagerd).

They were on their own shelf.  Along with these:

OH! OH! And Side Jobs was just sitting on the shelf. I hadn’t even bothered to try to reserve it.

I had to put back three or four other books I had just so I could carry away my spoils.  Did you notice anything else about those Codex Alera books?  Like how pretty and unmarred they are?  I wanted to cry.

Brand. Fucking. New.

Ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod.  They were brand new.  I tweeted my impatience to Jim Butcher because I’m what you call “a crazy person”.  I mean, come on.  There are people out there that are worse fangirls than I am.  And no one really reads that stuff, right?  But in my mind, I picture Jim Butcher stumbling across my tweet, picking up his terribly outdated author’s phone (like the President’s phone, but…for authors.  Shut up.) and ordered more books to be sent to my county library.  Post haste.  That’s how it works, right?  I’m sure it is.

Then, on Sunday, I got another e-mail and definitely read it.


HOLY FUCK IT’S LIKE CHRISTMAS.  I’m picking it up today.  So now here are the books I have on hand:

The Road
The Anthologist
Side Jobs
Academ’s Fury
Cursor’s Fury
Arthas: The Rise of the Lich King
Jaina Proudmoore: Tides of War
The Shattering: Prelude to Cataclysm
Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother

I’ll pick up Death Masks today.  The Tiger Mother book is audio, and I had intended to listen to it while knitting or driving.  The Warcraft books are wholly the fault of Nobbel87 and his lore series.  Those are all the novels my library has, I believe, aside from the graphic novels.  Frustrating that they don’t have all of them.  *sigh*

I”m half way through with Academ’s Fury.  I’m not able to read as much or as quickly as I like because of birthday sock making and football season.  I’ve started on Tides of War and read only a few chapters.  The Anthologist is halfway done, abandoned the second the Codex books were available.  The CD player in my car is not working so I’ll have to listen to Battle Hymn in the house…which is a bit crazy, because house time is book time.  I might have to admit defeat on that one and send it back unlistened.

In other mildly less dorky news, thank god for this slew of books.  The thought of my Dad  has been weighing on me heavily.  I need distractions.  Maybe I’ll discuss it later.  In the mean time:

Smell it. Smelllllll it.

Distractions call.

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Nerd Problems

I thought it would be a good idea to put the next Dresden Files book on hold at the library since I’ve been waiting for almost a month for the next in the Codex Alera series.  This is becoming an exercise in patience:

TEXT FOR ANTS OMG. Just get closer. Closer. CLOSER.

“Position 6” is an annoying and aggravating position to be in.  *ahem*

I’m so impatient.  I stumbled across this at the library today:

30 minutes. With interruptions.

Backup was fun, too short and had interesting details that I haven’t gotten to yet.  I wouldn’t consider any of them true spoilers.  He got a dog?  THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!  Though sadly, they failed to mention his cat, so I’m a bit worried.

Somewhere out there, there is a nerd in my county bitching about being in position 5.  That is actually comforting to a degree.  A tiny, tiny degree, because that nerd is going to get to read it before I will.  JERK.

Now, if I had all of the books, I wouldn’t have to wait for months to read books that have been out for years.  Christmas is on its way so I’m not overly worried.  In other news, I’ve been reading other stuff.  I wish there was a way to track what I’ve checked out from the library, because I’m in one of those kicks where I read like a madman and then forget the titles or authors.  I need to actually use Goodreads once in a while.

Yay! (thisisrabbit.com is awesome, click the picture for more!)


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Blood Rites

I had a day yesterday.  One of those fucking days.  It’s bleeding over into this day.

I’ll begin at the beginning, because I’m original like that.

1. It’s great to be a woman.  Normally, I’d say girl, or a lady, but frankly, I am neither of those.  I’m too old to be a girl, and I find that my demeanor and attitude rarely match that of a lady.  It’s been almost four years since my partial tubal ligation, my  i-don’t-even-know-what’s-going-on-with-that-ovary surgery, my so-you-think-you-can-fight-off -five-grown-adults-while-you-lay-in-a-hospital-bed party.  Since then, I have even more screwed-up red letter days than ever.  So imagine my surprise when I woke up surrounded by sharks:

I have a mad crush on completely cauchy. Click the photo to details on this amazing piece.

Since this happens once or twice a year, I am having a good time.  In an interest of being more *ahem* lady-like, I will refrain from my usual delightful description.  Let’s just say I’M QUICKLY FUCKING BLEEDING TO DEATH.  As a disclaimer, just because I don’t bleed once a month doesn’t mean that I don’t have all the other exciting effects including but not limited to:  debilitating cramps, becoming a garbage disposal, and possible demon possession.

2. Since my day started out so dramatically, I thought it was time for a pajama breakfast.  Pajama breakfast is where the kids and I pick up a fast food breakfast while still in our pajamas.  It’s fun for the kids and came to be solely from my complete and utter laziness.

I am THE mother.

Once we were home, I decided that we were taking the day off from school (BECAUSE I CAN) and we ate breakfast in the living room.  That’s when I heard it.

Three knocks.  From the kitchen.

Three hard knocks on what sounded like hollow wood.

Like my interior kitchen door.

To access the kitchen from outside of my house, you have to enter from either the deck via a steel and glass door or through the garage to the basement and up the stairs to the interior kitchen door.  So how was someone knocking on that door…from inside my house in my basement.  I did what any normal person would do:  I fucking ignored that shit.

For all of three seconds.  Then I heard a quieter tap, tap, tap.

I don’t know what I was expecting.

The kids looked at me and I stood up.  For no reason, mind you.  BECAUSE THERE WAS NO KNOCKING, GODDAMIT.  I walked slowly and quietly because you can hear every footstep between floors.  I was almost to the kitchen when I heard knock, knock, CRASH just in time to see my giant cat knocking a glass globe paperweight into the wood molding around my kitchen desk and then into the recycle bin.  FUCK THIS SHIT.

3. I thought having a day out would make me feel better.  The entire day was just completely off.

All day.

It’s a hard thing to explain without sounding completely insane, which I am.  But you might not be.  Just a feeling all day.  Something was…off.  I just now finished my post about my adventure in the outside, because that’s how yesterday was.  The kids and I went to Tae Kwon Do without incident.  Bought sherbet.  Ordered pizza.  Tried to ignore the day’s weirdness.

Then there was a motherfucking owl hooting at me when I took the dog out.

The day had me completely unnerved and bothered, and it wasn’t the kind of hooting you hear in scary movies… that hoot-hoot-hooOOot.  It was more like…screamy hoots.  I had the flashlight shining into the tree to try to catch a glimpse of eyes but thought it best to just scamper my ass quickly into the house.  I know, I’m stupid.  This is not news.

4.  So, at nearly 1 AM, I was pacing around, bleeding to death and anxious for no reason.  So I decided to read Summer Knight since it took almost a month to get it from the library.  I did take breaks so that I would not drown in my own blood.  I’m reading the Dresden Files in order.  I know I’m fashionably late to this game, but better late than never.  This has been my favorite so far.  I took a break from the series for a couple of months, but staying up all night talking, laughing, and crying with Harry Dresden was just what I needed.

Oh, Harry. I’ve missed you so much.

6 AM came quickly.  Every time I thought I’d go to bed, something else happened and I couldn’t stop reading.  I loved and hated how it ended–very abruptly.  I loved it because I know that the next one will pick up right where this one left off.  Hated it because I didn’t have the next one at hand to read.  

5. I fell asleep at about 6:30 or so and woke up at 8:30 in a pool of blood, encircled by vultures.

6. Am now dead.

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A Void Dance

I’m not completely sure why I’ve been avoiding my blog for the past few weeks.  Other than the fact that it was my birthday and I hate my birthdays.  And I’ve been kind of busy.  I also decided to give up sleeping for any decent or healthy amount of time.  I have been doing things and I’ll post eventually, but for now, I’ll just leave a few amazing nuggets of wonderful right here:

1.  My dog pooped in my bed, the bedroom floor and the living room floor over the course of three days.  Having a dog with seizures is one thing, but a dog with seizures that’s also an asshole is a completely different thing.

2.  My 6 year old attempted to drink syrup.  Maple syrup, not like, cough syrup or anything awesome like that.  His reasoning was that since he had dipped his waffles in yogurt instead of syrup, he had some syrup left over so why not drink it.  When I told him no, I knew the look in his eyes were of a man whose dreams were just shattered.

3.  I saw a spider outside on the deck next to a spider web and immediately thought “that spider is going to get stuck in that web”.  Yes, I’m a freaking genius.

4.  My mystery pain is still here, still being an asshole.  Comes and goes.  May or may not be related to the fact that just bought 96 cans of Diet Coke.   New health insurance starts up on August 1.

5.  The Mr.’s previous employer retroactively cut off our family’s insurance without notification so we’re on the hook for 2 medical bills that were kicked back for ‘no insurance’.  He actually tried to keep the premiums that were deducted from the paychecks.  Stand up, classy guy.  At least he doesn’t work for him anymore.

6.  Admiral Ackbat

7.  I ran out of thread.

Read this. The book, not the picture.

In other news, if you get a chance, read Americus by MK Reed (author) and Jonathan David Hill (artist).  It’s a quick one; took me about an hour or so, but it’s well written and quickly and easily took me back to my freshman year of high school.   But I wasn’t nearly as cool as anyone in this story -.-  it’s also a reminder that people are insane, to a ridiculous degree.  Glad I picked it up at the library, along with book one of the Codex of Alera.

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Photo Dump: Brain garbage

1. I’m totally hooked on The Dresden Files.

You will love him, too. Promise.
Since when does a T-Rex not make things better?


2.  I should put him in my boyfriend album for Lars and the Real Girl alone.

We all know what Ryan is spending his money on.


3.  This is true, but will always be difficult.

Still, majestic as fuck.


4. I am stalking furniture from my past.  This actually does not surprise me.

I miss that table. There is a little crack on the decorative lip that you can’t see. 


5.   I could watch this all day:



6.  He earned them by attending class.  Doesn’t matter, got patches:

Be patient, and you can kick a grown man in the chest so hard he flies through the air..


7.  Also, I hope you didn’t need to breathe for the next couple months:

It’s literally like a thin layer of sand on everything. I’m being lung fucked.







Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to me,
It doesn’t suck being thirty-three,
Happy Birthday to me.

My birthday was pretty fucking awesome, actually.  Peaceful for the most part.  I have to say that Joshua is and has always been horrible on other people’s birthdays.  I think he just can’t stand that people other are allowed to have special days.  Birthdays, anniversaries and Mother’s/Father’s day are SPECIAL DAYS.  So, with the full mind that my otherwise neato kid was probably going to be kind of a turd, I had an exceptionally fantastic day.

1.) I got my McDonald’s breakfast in bed.  This is standard for my birthday and Mother’s Day because while the Mr. can cook, he sure as hell can’t clean and I hate chores.

2.) I got amazing gifts that really surprised me:

Now you know all of my secrets.

I have, since I was a child, been a huge fan of Gone with the Wind.  I saw the movie when I was a kid and of course I thought it was fantastic and romantic.  Then I read the book and was blown away.  I’ve seen documentaries about it and most recently this amazing PBS documentary on Margaret Mitchell.  I’ve never owned the book.  The sequel I’ve had forever; in fact, I received it for Christmas the year it came out.  This was A BIG DEAL because a brand new hardback book was like $30!  I was 12 years old!  It was literally the only thing I wanted.  I’m a nerd.  No it’s not as good as the original and it’s not fair to compare it.  What it does though is wraps everything up nicely in a pretty bow, and sometimes that’s all you want.  The original copy I had was ruined by some asshole who spilled soda on it so having a new pretty one makes me very, very happy.  (I wasn’t the asshole.  This time.)

I am, and have been since birth, Asian.  I might forget it from time to time but The Asian Grandmother’s Cookbook is the fucking shit.  BUY THIS BOOK.  I borrowed it from the library under the recommendation of Jade Luck Club and holy crap.  It’s amazing.  It literally made me cry, because nothing takes you back home faster than food.  For some people, the saying “you can’t go home again” is true in a literal sense and even thinking about childhood favorites breaks my heart.  Now that my grandmother has passed as well this book really just broke me.  I sent it back to the library after only reading a few pages and flipping through it.  It’s the most authentic Asian cookbook I’ve ever seen.  I’m glad I have it now despite some of the sadness it brings.  I want my kids to be able to have these food memories.  This food should be in their blood like it’s in my blood.  This is probably my most favorite gift ever because now I have an opportunity to pass something on that I thought was lost.

Lastly, check out that awesome puzzle.  I am PUZZLE CRAZY.  I don’t know what it is, but when it’s puzzle time just get the fuck out of my way.  Don’t help me because you really suck.  Only Josh can help because he has my puzzle gene.  The Mr. does NOT have the skillz that our 5 year old has.  But this, this is all mine.  I think I’m going to time this one, because I have got to know how well I can do.  When the kids go to Grandma’s house, I’m going to puzzle. it. up. bitches.

3.) I got even *more* amazing gifts:


Here are the gifts that Josh and Robin made for me while I waited for breakfast.  They’re all awesome and I went ahead and labeled them so you’d know exactly what they were.  The bracelet I thought was pretty clever so I wore it all day and even out to lunch.  Somewhat unrelated, I was able to buy white chalk at Office Depot on my birthday.  Walmart no longer carries chalk WHAT THE FUCK.  I’m so old.

4.)  I had yummies:

We went out to eat at Sake Gura, a local hibachi and sushi place.  I had not had sushi in about 6 years.  DID YOU READ THAT I HADN’T HAD SUSHI IN 6 YEARS UNTIL LAST WEEK.  Maybe that’s why my life has been so weird.  Sushi/sashimi is such a no-no when you’re pregnant and after pregnancy who has the money to go out for sushi and then suddenly you’re pregnant again holy crap you’ll never eat sushi again!  Well I did and I tried to get the kids to promise to eat just one bite for my birthday.  Josh gagged, Robin loved it.  She likes eel and octopus so I’m so happy!  I have a sushi buddy again so you had better believe we’ll be going as often as possible.  Love love love!  I wanted to sit at the hibachi table and it was a fantastic show except for the fact that Josh freaked the fuck out and Robin wrapped herself around me so tight I thought I was going to choke.  It was hilarious.  Fire and kids are hilarious, for real.  Cute moment:  when the guy was done and cleaning up she said “My favorite part was when he cleaned up!”.  You had to be there, I’m sure.  So much food left over:

The important thing was that I didn’t have to make dinner!

5.)  CAKE:

Okay, no picture of the cake.  I made lemon cupcakes with no icing because that’s what I wanted.  I ate the hell out of them, too, hence no pictures.  This was funny though, and I had to snap this quick photo:

Paw? Hand? Foot?

Milk and oil for the cake.  I guess it wanted to give me a birthday high five?

This birthday will be hard to top.  I can honestly say that I got everything I wanted.  Everything I need is right here.

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Grand Plans!

I do have some grand plans in my head here lately, but first, I wanted to discuss another great read by Gene Luen Yang.  I love ‘discovering’ something that’s been around forever; makes me feel very anti-hipster.  I’m a dork and everything is always new.  I liken my new obsession with Gene Luen Yang to that of Neil Gaiman.

I will!

My first Yang book discussion is here and I hope to have many more.  Last night I read Level Up which punched me right in the face.  How badly I want that greeting card, to this day.  Read the book and you’ll understand.  And seriously, how can you not love this cover?

My mom took mine and gave it away. For real.

Anyway, I am busy-ish.  Tomorrow I think I’m going to attempt to rent a power washer.  Oh, just wait for the update on THAT.  I need to finish staining the deck (yeah, the one I started last year) and I decided that I needed to paint the garage doors.  I didn’t really intend to do the garage doors any time soon, but since I’m (hopefully) renting the power washer, I guess I might as well.

I’ll update more when I have pictures to show. I’m suddenly all antsy about mini projects, major projects and maybe even a visit from friends over Memorial Day weekend.  It’s as if all the sudden I have a life.