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Photo Dump: April doesn’t exist

Your Lie In April was so good.

I did *not* let Robin watch this.

I spent all this time away from blogging to watch tear jerking all the good anime on Netflix.  So good.  So good.

And pretty.

I did set up my new 40 gallon breeder.  This is one of the first layouts I had.  It has changed a million times.  I’ll do a separate photo dump dedicated to fish later.

So symmetrical! It doesn’t look like that anymore.

I got a new 20 gallon long thanks to another $1 per gallon sale at Petco.  I wanted it for Zenith, but I gave it to the kids instead.  They wanted painted backgrounds.

Their interests are so similar I can barely tell them apart anymore.

Josh had a birthday.  He is 9.  MY BABY IS 9 YEARS OLD.

We had a theme. It was not laundry.

We celebrate Magnus’ birthday at the same time we celebrate Josh’s.

So dainty! One year and 12 lbs. Dainty, indeed!

My carpal tunnel, or supposed carpal tunnel, is in full swing.

My hands…

I’m cross stitching which is actually not the only thing contributing to the pain.  Writing, typing, carrying heavy things, living, dying–all of these things seem to bring pain equally.  I get to call a neurologist tomorrow for an appointment and maybe a conductivity test for my nerves.

I feel ya, Edith. I feel ya.
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First: Catch Up [Blog Draft]

[BLOG DRAFT] 12/20/15

I’m dead. After a long blog break, I usually say “I’m not dead” but nah, I’m dead. I’m writing this from beyond the graaaaaaaaaave! OooOOOoOooOOooooohhhhhh scaaaaaryyyyyyyy!

1.) Halloween was nutso. Robin was easy–one of many Elsas out that night.

I’m the party star,  I’m popular, I’ve got my own car, I’m popular

It was our first experience with a wig and I have no idea where it is now. Probably completely torn up or at least unbraided somewhere.  All I had to worry about was make up.  Which is embarrassing, as I don’t wear myself.

Absolutely and painfully accurate.

On the plus side, I know how to use paint brushes and Robin is super laid back so it was easy.

She was a perfectly happy Asian-y Elsa.

Josh on the other hand…was a “challenge”.  That’s the nice way to say his whole costume was a pain in the fucking ass.  He wanted to be Kurosaki Ichigo, specifically in his (first) bankai state with hollow mask.  Easy, right?  RIGHT?

Yeah, no problem. Let me whip that right up.

Oy.  The jacket.  Lined with red and white and fitted and straight shouldered and HOW IN THE HELL IS IT EVEN CLOSED IN THE FRONT.  Hakama (pants)…NOT just ruffly pants.  And let’s talk about that mask.

No, let’s not.

But I love my kids and I did my best.  I FUCKING TRIED GODDAMMIT.

Serious Ichigo is Serious

I didn’t do too horribly.  But after working on the hakama for hours he decided he didn’t like it and just wanted to wear black sweats.  I couldn’t blame him, really, but I really wanted to cry.  Sometimes I need to remind myself that I’m doing things for others, it’s for others, not me.  Believe it or not, my kids’ happiness is important to me and the little things add up.  And no, I’m not going to get him straw sandals and tabi socks.  The face make up did come out pretty well considering the cheap make up we used.  I used this wonderful tutorial for a guide.

Amazingly, we met another Mom in the neighborhood who knew exactly who he was and even requested a picture. So glad to have met another anime nerd, and so close to home! [END DRAFT]


Daaaaaamn, I’m bad at this blogging thing.  Did you know (why would you, but I’m just making conversation here) that this is my 10th year blogging?  I’ve been blogging longer than my children have been ALIVE.  You’d think 10 years worth of blog posts would add up to something but you’d be horribly, horribly wrong.

So, let’s see…October had Halloween, November had Thanksgiving, December had Christmas, January had New Year’s, February had Chinese New Year’s and now you’re up to date!  See?  Like 5 months of information in two sentences, give or take.

Since I have very little to say at the moment, have a gif and be on your way:

I…I don’t know what to do with this information.
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Well…okay, then.

Okay, so maybe I was being stupid.  Maybe?  Yeah, probably.  I know new parents get mush brain, so I should not have worried about it so much.  I’m relieved.  Dumb, but relieved.

On the Good Parenting front, the kids are watching Bleach.  AND we’re watching it with subtitles!

Serious. Most of the time.

I’M SO CRAZY FANGIRL EXCITED!  Josh is keeping up well; Robin needs help because she can’t read as fast as he can.  It’s still fun to watch.


Other than that, nothing much has been going on.  We’re cleaning bedrooms.  I’m finishing a quilt which I should be posting more about.  Playing a ridiculous amount of Civilization IV and Hearthstone and very little Warcraft.  It’s been hot as balls and I hate everything in the outside world.  On a positive note, I washed a whole bottle of nail polish in the washing machine and it didn’t break or open or anything.  I also cleaned the fish tank today, so I’m on a roll.

Isn’t it, though?


UPDATE:  Dammit, no embedding.  See the video here.

So I’m just derping along, and happy to find a full episode of Ouran High School Host Club on YouTube.  Yay, the beach episode!  Haha so funny, yay!  Goofing off, yay!  Then it tricked me into having feelings and well now, crap.

Starting at 20:04


I’m all right.  I always get through it by doing this.


Always…Always, by yourself…in your home…
without calling on us, even though we’re nearby…

I see.
I think I get it.  Okay, I lose.  You grew up without relying on anyone else.  So come on.. Come on over here. From now on, I’ll be there.  I’ll do all I can not to take my eyes off of you, to make sure that you’re never alone again.


Needed a Quickie

I am in serious need of a Bleach fix.  I am so sad that the anime and manga series is ending.  It’s rare that I’m on the bandwagon from the start.  I’m seriously concerned about all the episodes that are on my other hard drive and I need an external drive case ASAP.

While I was waiting for my car at the shop I couldn’t help but watch a few of my favorite AMVs:

I can’t love this mix enough: Japanese anime and epic rock about Nordic gods? The best part is watching Josh totally mesmerized by both the music and the imagery. There might be hope for that kid yet.

This will always be my favorite amv, ever.

I can’t bring up my heartfelt longing for Bleach without mentioning my favorite single father, Kurosaki Isshin.

Oh dear god YES.  I do, I really, really do.

Quick review:

  • Single father, widowed and very much in love with his deceased wife
  • Doctor for the good of the people, not for profit
  • Holy shit he’s hot
  • Holy shit he’s badass

You know what makes me squeal like a fan girl?  This:

My optometrist hates me.
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Lazy ass motherfucker

There is meat to be cooked, children to be taught, things to be washed but yet I sit here.  At my desk.  My blog has been a little bit neglected mostly because I am a lazy ass motherfucker.  I’m also having a shitty couple of weeks on a personal level.  I was going to  post a pity party comment here, but I will refrain.

If I had a laptop, I could do my work and then sit on my very comfortable couch and slack with my computer.  I’m not going to get a laptop until personal computers are implanted in human brains.  GOOD GOD I CAN’T WAIT.

Here is what I’ve been doing:

Building forts with my Tetris skills. Those aren't gaps, they're balistraria.


Taking advantage of the downfall of Borders.
Watching Deadman Wonderland, a series after my own twisted, bloody heart.

Off to it, I guess.  I will hopefully be building a computer for the kids this weekend, finishing unbelievably tedious quilt squares.  Maybe I will get crazy and vacuum the floors.  In the mean time, it’s 11:20, and I would like to eat breakfast.

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ChÜberlist: 2011–July Update

For the record, 11 days late is only bad when you’re talking about your period.

I am 11 days late on this post, but I have a good excuse:

If you would like to contest my decree that I have a good reason, please refer to the gif above.

I didn’t do as badly as I thought, but I feel really slacky.  Here’s the rundown:

12. 5 baby hats: 1 of 5

15. Finish Josh’s knitted blanket; if not done by 7/31, frog and re-purpose: frogged, being crocheted instead of knit

19. 5 baby quilts or blankets: I am working on a queen sized quilt for a very good friend of mine.  That equals 5 blankets, right?  Not done.  I’m also working on a knitted blanket for a baby that is due now in 8 weeks.  FML.

33. create home school lesson plans deadline: done!

51. Do one home repair item per month: clean up gifted furniture & use or store: done!

69. Read two books out of my library that I’ve never read before: done and done!

There was never any mention about length. Though as we all know, size matters.

I read Smith of Wootton Major and Farmer Giles of Ham on my birthday as a gift to myself.  Yesterday and today I read an e-copy of American Gods by Neil Gaiman.  Loved it!  And wondered why it’s taken me so long.  I’m light years behind the cool kids.  Since I don’t have an actual picture of the book, this will have to suffice:


I’m also getting slacky on the progress photos but homeschooling is taking up a ton of time.  We are also super cabin fevery here, so unless we get out of the house and do something soon, someone is going to die.


Photo Dump, Sunday Edition

There isn’t anything different about this photo dump other than I’m doing it on a Sunday, though the phrase “Sunday Edition” makes it seem like there should be more to it, like the Sunday paper. But first, a mini-rant:

My daycare just fired my most favorite teacher for what I feel are totally spurious reasons. It stresses me out. Also, other people are stressing me out. And yet it’s still against the law for me to cause them physical and bodily harm. What an unfair world.

On an unrelated plus side, I think I’ll live with SGKK Fansubs’ version of Bleach. I’m sad for Dattebayo, though. I miss them. I feel like my boyfriend just had to move across the country and I will probably never see him again. *sigh*

Anyway, I’m way not in the mood to blog, so I will leave you with only one picture:


What the fuck is going on in this picture? I am very confused. This is the image on the main page for The Forum which is a shopping center in Norcross, GA. I love it there and it has some very nice, higher end stores and is fantastic in the Fall and around Christmas time when you can bear to walk from store to store. These people look very over dramatic. Are the letters going to fall on this (most likely) too-rich-for-her-own-good lady? Is the man daydreaming about pushing her over the edge of the chaise? Did she go to the Jon Lovitz school of ACTING!?