1. I don’t have a favorite color.  Dark colors are my favorite to wear, but all colors make me happy.
  2. I’ve always liked cats over dogs.  But I have both and I love both.  I’m like, 100/95 cats over dogs.
  3. I drink Diet Coke like water.  I should, um, probably drink more water.  I will probably be well preserved when I die, though.
  4. I love making stuff.  I need something to show for my effort.  Food, socks, art, a max level toon, whatever.
  5. I worked as a teacher’s aide twice in my life.  I don’t like other people’s kids.  Other people as in people that aren’t my friends.  I like your kids, don’t send me hate mail.
  6. I love to read.  When I get suggestions of what to read from my friends, it always blows me away.  Nothing is better than reading a book all in one sitting.
  7. I love to eat.  I think the only food I don’t like is beets, and I hold out hope that it’s just because I haven’t had it prepared properly.  I probably won’t be able to ever eat durian fruit because ew, gross.
  8. Sleep is my favorite.  I wish we could hang out more often.
  9. Hot jasmine tea.
  10. Football season.   Football season encompasses everything I love: college football, NFL football, cooler weather of Autumn and Winter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Superbowl.  It’s a blur of all things that make me happy and the end of football season heralds all the things I can’t stand: tax season, hot weather, mosquitoes, brat kids out of school (not my kids, of course), my birthday.
  11. Naps are my second favorite, just behind sleep.  Cold sheets or a comfortable couch are necessary.
  12. Back story.  I love history, origin stories, stories from your childhood.  Tell me a story.
  13. I hate my feet but I love socks, so it all works out.
  14. My favorite comfort food is cheap Ramen.  I don’t keep any in the house (I’d eat it every day, absolutely).
  15. I am really bad at math, but I’m a practical/efficient genius.  If you can do something, I can probably figure out a way to do it more efficiently.  Unless it’s math.

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