I felt that in an effort to neutralize the disgusting whiney tirade I had on my myspace blog, I would post something happy here.

Books! I love the library! I am such a dork because I not only go to the library, I reserve books from the library. Here is what I picked up this week, and I think I still have a book on order:

I particularly like to mark things that I’m interested in and want to try. Because I will surely try everything I’ve marked, right? Right?

I borrowed the pattern/alteration books because I read about the Little Brown Dress Project and thought that while it would be impractical for a person who worked in an office (or would it?) I think I could not buy clothes for a year and just alter what I have. So I got these books. And then I remembered that I’m 7 months pregnant and probably jumping the gun a bit on the clothes altering thing. Why would I want to alter a pair of pajama pants anyway??

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