knitting with testicles

I picked up Knitting with Balls at my local library today and boy, was I so not disappointed. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it after this review on

(one out of 5 stars) 21 of 31 people found the following review helpful:

What a disappointment!, November 17, 2006
Reviewer: Male Knitter – See all my reviews
I too was excited by the subject and title of this new knitting book.


This book missed its mark by a long shot. Male knitters are not effeminate, we just knit. This book is basically an insult.

A couple of the patterns are OK, but none are actually inspiring me to pick up my needles. Most of the patterns seem to be geared towards gay men. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it doesn’t suit me at all.

Many of the patterns are just plain dumb and seem to be there just to fill up space, like the beer cozy, coffee cup cozy, wallet and the “utility cloth” (aka rag) for example. Why would I spend 2 days knitting a shop rag when I can buy a whole bundle at the store for a couple of bucks? This is also basically the same thing as a large dishcloth or small baby blanket, but the book calls it a “utility cloth” so it’s for a man. Give me a break!

One of the other reviewers stated that some of the patterns were “fit for the fashion runway” Exactly! I don’t know any man that wants to wear clothes that are fit for a runway, unless that runway is on an air-force base or something. I just assume leave the house in a blouse and pair of kulats than some of the garments displayed in this book.

Frankly the sweater that is on the cover of the book looks great, it was one of the main reasons for buying the book. Unfortunately, to my dismay, this pattern is NOT included in the book! WHAT WHY!? For shame!

I’m in agreement with this complainer, but for me, there are some things that I found interesting enough to look at here. For instance: Chu’llu hat, hiking boot socks, and possibly the aran pullover. But really, that’s it. Here is what I found ridiculous/odd/effemininate, some of which was already mentioned in the review above:

Is there a true biker out there that would use that “utility cloth”?

Who really needs a beer cozy anyway? A knitted one, even? How long does it take this guy to drink a beer that he needs a cozy? And based on how they are dressed, they’re sitting outside drinking beers on a 30 degree day. Is that guy afraid his beer is going to get too cold?

I don’t have much to say about this belt. The Mr. likes a brown leather belt, plain, or a black leather belt, plain. If a man makes his own belt, shouldn’t it be out of barbed wire or part of the noose they tried to hang him with or something?

I love love love sweaters that show off your boobies!

And lastly, an assortment of stupid accessories:

“Smart guys keep their multi-media players safe”

“Take a break without getting your fingers burned!”

“Cabled meets wireless!” (Laptop case)

I didn’t even show some of the other silly things like the “Not So Rugged Scarf” or “Knit Wallet & Business Card Holder” or “Knee-Length Coat”.


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